Espiritu Santo


Approaching La Lobera

After two weeks of work in the cafés of La Paz, I got on to set up a kayaking trip to Isla Espiritu Santo! The sea of Cortez is a sea kayak paradise, and Isla Espiritu Santo, the island North of the town where we went diving with sea lions was just too beautiful not to go back.

Julio, who I met through Miguel, has a kayak and was ready to rent it to me and show me a few basics. Thanks Julio! Jesse would have been interested to join me, but in the end couldn't match the dates, so I ended up going alone.

I spent five days on the island, almost without seeing anyone. Some six months after my solo hike in Greenland, it was surprisingly nice to be alone again! I chatted a bit with the sailing vessels, asking their weather forecast, and slept on beautiful desert beaches of white sand.

After a few days paddling, I had reached the Lobera. I arrived early in the morning, and waited for the first diving boat to moore next to the rocks. I asked Jorge, captain of the Cantamar, if I could tie my tiny boat to his big one, and jumped aboard.

Jorge and Juan invited me for some food and soda, thanks! Quite a change after 5 days of salted pasta and cookies... I could also jump back with the sea lions, and spent most of the day snorkeling with them, amazing.