Lobos marinos


Arturo taking us to the sea lions

Maria and Dani, from Spain, came to visit us one evening. They were curious about the bicycles, and went in for a chat. They had arranged to go diving the next morning with our next door neighbours, the diving club. Maria really wanted to do this dive, a special one: diving with sea lions.

“Can I join?!” I asked right away. The next morning, we were boarding La Encantada with Arturo and Sergio for a one hour ride to La Lobera, just a few miles North of La Paz, next to Isla Espiritu Santo, for two immersions of 40 minutes each, just near the colony of sea lions.

Arturo explained us carefully to let the lions come to play with us, instead of us going to play with them. Adults should be avoided, especially males, since they can inflict severe bites. Juvenils of the year, only a few months old, are the curious and playful ones. We were lucky, and about half a dozen of them came checking out our fins, smelling our hair, and biting our hands.

After two weeks cycling in the middle in the desert, seeing them in California and hearing them in Baja California, diving with the lions of the Sea of Cortez left me speechless. These animals are incredibly curious, clever, cute, and gracious. Probably one of the most moving wild encounter I have ever experienced. It took me two or three days to take my mind out of the water.

Arturo and Sergio, thanks for making this day such a beautiful one. Dani and Maria, it was great to meet you and share this amazing day with you. Hasta pronto!