Record stores in SF


Colorful groves at Grooves

Guillaume and I both love music, and especially on records. We spent a few afternoons digging the crates in downtown Frisco. We first went to Rooky Ricardo's Records, on Haight Street, where Steve owns a large collection of Soul music, before skimming through various thrift store in Mission.

I couldn't resist and asked again to take a few portraits, as I did earlier in New York.

At Amoeba, probably one of the most famous record store on this planet, we found even more records. As I asked to take their pictures, James, from San Francisco, picked the phone to 'look busy', while Nick, from Los Angeles, kept his grin as he was sorting out my selection.

We also had a nice chat with Kelley at Grooves Vinyl Attractions on Market Street, in his beautiful shop full of gems made of movie soundtracks, instrumental rarities and other odd sounds.

With more than 30 records each, plus the ones I had found in Chicago and Madison, Guillaume left with a very very heavy bag loaded with vinyl.