Record stores in NY


Piles of LPs at Rainbow Music 2002 Ltd.

I spent most of the week in sunny Big Apple going around the city skating from one record shop to the other. The selection is quite different from what we can find in Europe, and often pretty cheap.

As I was visiting all these shops, I asked the owners if they wouldn't mind having their picture taken. Most of them were really happy with that.

Joel, from Brazil, grabbed his sunglasses and struck the pose. Corry, from NY, went to grab his leather Jacket. Bruno, from UK, kept working, carefully taking note of the records I just bought. Bill, from NYC, asked me if I was working for the New York Times.

While I was at it, I also took a picture of the outside and inside of the shop. Here is what it looks like. At the end of the week, I had bought about eighty records, weighing more than twenty kilos. A bit heavy for a backpacker...


Bruno, from UK, at Gimme Gimme Records

325 E. 5th St

Bill, from NYC, at Rainbow Music 2002

130 1st Ave

Johnathan, from NYC, at Good Records

218 E. 5th St

Corry, from NYC, at Academy LP's

415 E 12th St

Joel, from Brazil, at Tropicalia In Furs

304 E 5th St

Richard, from NYC, at Academy Records & CDs

12 W 18th Street

Victor, from Costa Rica, at El Barrio Music Center

1870 Lexington Ave

TJ, from NYC, at Bleecker Street Records

239 Bleecker Street

Jerad, from Big City Records

521 E 12th St