Tiburon ballena


No! Don't touch me!

Dominic, who I had met a few days before cycling down Baja, found me easily in La Paz. He had arrived the day before, and was proposed me to go snorkeling with the whale sharks. Let's go!

The whale shark is the largest fish living on this planet! It leaves for about 70 years, and it likes to cruise the Sea of Cortez, just one mile away from the Malecón.

Jorge took us there with his little lancha, and soon we were jumping in the water next to an impressive shadow. The first two times, the shark was going too fast for us to follow him. We touched him briefly, but we were told only later, no touching! Oops.

Touching the shark removes a layer of protective grease, exposing him to infection. The third time, we could swim along with him for a few minutes, even with a chance to pass under him, watching the dozen of pilot fish. It was very impressive to swim along this huge animal. A 'small' one apparently: only 6 or 7 meters, when some can reach more than 10 meters!