From New York to Delhi


Juan, Claudia, and their daughter Elena

From downtown New York, I was kindly invited to jump into a huge car with Juan and Claudia, my friends from long time ago in London, their daughter Elena, and Juan's mother Carmen. We headed northwest of New York for about 5 hours to reach their beautiful house, next to a town called Delhi, not far from the Catskill Mountains. Carlis and Gerardo, two friends of Juan, also from Venezuela, joined us for the weekend.

We built a campfire, had brunch in the morning sun, and had an amazing barbecue. Carlis even showed me how to prepare the delicious arepas.

Coming straight out from Big Apple, the lush green, the silence, and the darkness of night around this beautiful house lost in the woods was an amazing and refreshing contrast with the busy city. From there, I thought I would be hitch-hiking West across upstate New-York, but that was before knowing that Carlis and Gerardo were coming.