From Sisimiut to Nuuk


Sisimiut old centre

After ten days hiking, I took a few days in Sisimiut. I pitched my tent in the camping, at the end of the road where hundreds of sledge dogs are chained for the summer. Back in town, I found a place to do my laundry and met with two French lads who had been on the trail about a week before me. I had read all of their messages in the guest books of the huts before meeting them, and it was great to be able to exchange about this trip.

I also met with Sabrina, from Switzerland, who is travelling on her own in West Greenland. The four of us went to try and climb Nasaasaaq again, but we stopped at 500 meters under a thick lid of clouds.

Johann, 71 years old, from Sisimiut, hosted me for a couple of nights. He is a great man, generous and sensible, and sings and plays organ and guitar like I wish I could. He was happy to have a visitor and showed me the harpoons he carved in the traditional way.

Then I boarded on the coastal ferry to reach Nuuk, where I spent a short week. Frans, friend of Carlos, gave me the keys of the beautiful studio flat of his sister. It felt nice but strange to have my own little house again for a short while.