Crossing the Atlantic


Enjoying a bit of sun

Since Islay and all the way to Cape Farewell, the southernmost point of Greenland, we didn't meet a single boat. The weather was not very good. We had a lot of front wind and sometimes really rough sea.

On top of that, we had a few technical issues. First sea water in the fuel tanks, so we had to go down at least twice a day in the engine room to clean up the filters. We had a little bit of salt water in the drinking water as well, which is not very pleasant. And we managed to block the main sail winder, so we had to tie the main sail to the mast.

Three days before reaching it, there was a big storm at Cape Farewell, but luckily the low went up North, mostly avoiding us. Those two weeks at sea were beautiful and memorable. It was my first time so far away from a shore, and I was surprised how different time and space can be out there.